A Royal Family in Greenwich, Connecticut


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Ep. 3 “Carnal Knowledge”

Exiled! Title Opener

Rebecca sat there drinking her coffee watching the maid wash up the morning dishes, she had been talking to Liz for sometime that morning, and it felt good to have some time with her daughter without the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household.

She sighed.  “You know staying around the house isn’t such a big deal, and staying in town is not such a huge problem, either.

“It’s, mainly,”  she said with slight pauses as she mulled her words over carefully.   “It’s more the kids.  Well, no.  It’s more Eddie, who’s out to all hours of the night.”

She sipped her morning brew as Liz clicked messages on her phone.  “How on earth do you ground a grown man who just isn’t prepared to listen?” she asked, turning in her seat slightly to look at her regal daughter, hoping for some sort of response.

Rebecca & Liz dish in the Kitchen

Elizabeth Farnese shifts in her seat while her mother continues her concerns about Eddie’s all nighter’s. She slowly runs her finger around the rim of the nearly cold coffee cup. She makes a slight response with a twitch of her forehead at the last remark.

“Eh!” She says, shaking her head slightly as she glances toward Megan to see if she is observant enough to freshen her cup. She dabs her lips with the cloth napkin before placing it back across her lap.

She turns toward her mother, nodding. “Well mother, we’re just going to have to create a united front. No more bickering. We will just have to march up there and tell him how it’s going to be.” She lets out a sigh knowing this is easier said than done.

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Ep. 2 “The Gunpowder Plot”

Liz sighs, slowly resigning herself to what must be Martin’s truth. Money was most important, and while she may not always have Paris, she certainly had access to the internet.

Exiled! Title Opener

Martin Stigglesmith, Jr., Esq., arrives at the door of the Farnese mansion and promptly places his briefcase on the ground.   He pulls down his suit jacket, smooths out his hair and then raises a cupped hand up to his mouth and breaths into his hand.  He pulls back slightly, sniffs at his hand and lowers it as the other hand deftly pulls out a roll of lifesavers from the other pocket, flicking one in his mouth as he picked his briefcase back up and knocks at the door with some authority.  He’s determined to make a good impression as instructed to do by his elderly father, and he takes a long draw out breath and waits for the door to be answered.

Kammy Farnese, Liz and Eddie’s younger sister, gets the perfect angle for her selfie when she hears a loud knock coming from the Front Hall.  She pauses and looks around before slowly making her way to the door.  She opens it a crack and peers out at the man.

“Uhm. yes?” she says.. not used to having visitors at the house. Her eyes look the man up and down as she waits for a response.

Martin smiles at the young girl at the door and nods.  “I’m here to see Mrs. Farnese.”

Kammy blinks and nods as she opens the door more. “Oh! My mother,” she says in a bored tone. She lets the man in and starts wondering why someone official looking would be there to see her mother.

Martin steps through the door and looks around big grand hallway and smiles a bit more and then directly looks at the girl again. “Thank you.”

She looks up from her phone and gives a passing “yahuh” at him.  Her eyes settle back on her phone as she yells out from the bottom of her lungs.

“Mom!?! Someone at the door!!”  She wondered where all the help was.   Shouldn’t they be answering the door?

He took a few steps back away from the strange looking girl; he was slightly alarmed by her sudden outburst on calling her mother, feeling unsure on what to do next he placed his case on the floor and started to adjust his tie again, a nervous fidget he had when feeling very uncomfortable in certain situations.

Liz Farnese is sitting in the parlor looking at the latest photos from NY Fashion week, making mental notes of what she plans to buy. She waits to see how long it takes Damian to get the door but is not surprised when she hears her sister’s voice and a male stranger. She places the photos on the table as she stands when she hears the stranger asking for her mother. Her interest piqued, she smooths her clothes and walks into the hall nearly jumping out of her skin as her sister bellows for her mother.

She smiles at the handsome stranger wondering what business he has with her mother. She gives her sister a look over and frowns at her hair as she sports the color of the day and her requisite attire. She brushes her sister aside quickly.

“Thank you, Camilla,” she said, refusing to repeat the awful nickname everyone in the house seems to enjoy calling her. “Mother is indisposed at the moment. I will see to Mr … uhm…”

Kammy’s eyes look up from her phone and land on her sister, she makes a face and mutters, “Of course, you will.”  She looks back up at the man and mouths,  “Good luck” as she turned and walked away, her eyes buried deep in her phone again as she thought of how much of a busy body her sister was being.

Ever being the princess, Liz turns to the impeccably dressed man and raises a brow waiting for him to introduce himself.

Martin’s eyes widen a little when he sees the very attractive blond girl come walking out of the room to his right, and he hesitates for a split second and then remembered his father’s words as she stepped forward to introduce himself.

He finally shakes off his anxiety, offering a hand towards the blond girl and smiles. “Hello, I am Martin Stigglesmith, Jr., Attorney at Law.”

He tried to rush in a thank you to the other young lady but she seemed to have already disappeared. Strange kid, he thought to himself.

Liz has already forgot Kammy as she hers him introduces himself in his beautiful baritone voice. Her mouth form a perfect “O” as his name registers, trying to recall if her father had mentioned Stigglesmith having a son. She recovers and reaches out her hand to shake his finally realizing he had been holding it out for a moment.  “A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Martin Stigglesmith… Jr.,” she says with her flirty side coming out.

“Please let’s have a seat in the library.” She heads through the doors looking over her shoulder to see if he was following her or just watching her walk away.

Logan and Liz

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Thanks to our Viewers!

As we get ready to post our second episode, I just want to take a few moments to say thank you to our visitors!  Since we’ve started our RP, I’ve been amazed at the number of people stopping by the “house” to visit and look around, and by those who stop by our blog.

As of today, we’ve had 2,062 visitors by 560 unique visitors, which means some of you have visited us more than once … and we hope you like what we’re doing!

While our various pages have received most of the clicks, our posts are starting to move up … Episode 1, “The Prince and the Paupers” has nearly been read by 100 visitors in less than a couple of weeks!

I wanted to share the country demographic … this is what’s blowing me away.  While most of our actors are in North America, clearly we’re reaching people around the world … and so, thank you again for your support!


And that’s just the first ten!

Anyway, again … we appreciate your support!  Let us know what you like about our roleplay, and if you’re interested in joining … click “cast of characters” above!

Ep.1. “The Prince and the Paupers”

Exiled! Title Opener

A bare foot, clad only with a leather sandal hits the pavement out of the car, then another.  The camera pans out to reveal a young man in a white Tshirt, dark jeans and a white cap, staring toward the massive wrought iron gate before pulling his shades down over his stoic face.  He quickly opens the gate, and shuts it behind him, moving forward – not a single etch of feeling or emotion on his face.

He walks up to the massive door.  He shakes the door knob,  then BANGS it loudly.

Eddie Walks In

The door opens hurriedly, and another young man appears; tall, dark, with tattoos appearing slightly out of a dressy-casual outfit.  He smiles in his charming manner as he greets the young man.

“Welcome home, Sir.  May I take your bags?”

He ignores the young man, except to throw him his bag. He looks around the Front Hall, taking a deep breath, taking the essence of his home in, then he shakes his head in disappointment as he walks further in the hall, offering a single grunt to the butler.  The butler attempts to catch the bag as it was thrown on him. He nods at young Mr. Farnese and begins to make his way up the stairs while handling the luggage carefully to place it in Mr. Farnese’s room.

A young woman at the top of the stairs fiddles with her cuff as she makes it to the landing of the stairs. She hears the front door open followed by a familiar voice. She purses her lips as she glares down at her brother as Damian takes his bags. She begins to clap as she descends the steps.

“Well, Hallelujah!  The prodigal son returns!” She says sarcastically. She holds on to the railing as she tries to navigate the steps in her new designer heels, her voice raising with with every word.

“Eddie!  May I just say; where the hell have you been?” She asked in a clipped fashion.  She continues, not giving him the chance to respond. “Why haven’t you been here helping with the day-to-day of this massive estate? You know why? Because I have been doing it as usual!”

She’s now standing in close proximity to her brother. She backs up as her nose twitches.

“And you smell like you’ve slept in the sewers!”  She covers her nose with her hand.

Eddie sighs, and rolls his eyes, “Whatever, little Princess. I’ve been doing whatever the hell I want to do … and that’s what I’ll continue to do as soon as I take a shower, grab some new clothes and talk to Mom. Where the hell is she anyway?”

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A Few Good Men


Exiled! needs a few good men!  Exiled! is a role-playing game, a reality series … and tons of built in drama.  Beautiful women, sexy men, an inheritance up for grabs, a murder mystery, and a love triangle to boot.  Did I mention its a game?

Check out our website, and apply for a role today!

NOT BEEN CASTVictor Savoy, 30 years of age

Style & Title: Marchese Victor Alphonse di Bussana

Victor is a calculated man – having recently convinced the Italian government to return the ancient familial lands belonging to the royal family of Sanremo to him, he is in Connecticut with his siblings for one reason, and one reason only: for their legal concession and abdication of the titles they claim.

His calculations start to unravel, though, when his siblings become involved with the stateside family, less concerned with ancient titles than they are with the extravagance of their American cousins, and in some cases, the American citizenship of those potential interests.

NOT BEEN CASTMichael “Mikey” Cross, 20 years of age

Style & Title: Lord Cross, the Earl of Imperia

Michael is the eldest of Stephen’s children.  He feels resentful of Lisa, Eddie and his other cousins in the family – thinking he should have been entitled to the family’s titles since his mother was oldest.

He’s a junior in college, but has also decided to stay home at least a semester to deal with the loss of his mother, and find any advantage he can to maximize his own family’s legacy.


Elden Pepperidge, 47 years of age, Detective – Connecticut State Police

Elden is a career detective with the state police, and the murder of the Farnese family is his first big case.  He’s hoping he doesn’t bungle it – the press coverage earlier in the summer has the FBI chomping at the bits.  One mistake – and they’re taking over.

He’s an unhappily married man, with three ungrateful children, and spends most of his free time at the bar with this buddies, fishing on the weekends, or spying on the only woman he had an affair with 10 years ago.

NOT BEEN CASTJohn Cross, 18 years of age

Style & Title: The Lord, John Cross

John is more laidback than either of his siblings, and seems taken by his cousin Lisa – ignoring all the other drama around the house and family.  Along with the rest of his siblings and cousins, he has decided to take at least a semester off.  John is the only current RP character that saw the explosion.

NOT BEEN CASTAntonio Savoy, 28 years of age

Style & Title: Signore Antonio Savoy di Bussana

Where Victor is calculating, Antonio is clever and charming … at least with the ladies.  No sooner have they landed and presented themselves to the family, Antonio has laid his eyes on Vicky Cross – and his lust seems to claim him.  His charisma and charm smooths over the rough political ambitions of his brother, and though several seem to know him more intimately, this façade seems to crumble as reports come from Italy of his wife and five children.

Stephen Cross is Cast in Exiled!


Exiled Production Company is pleased to announce that the role of Stephen Cross, one of the four starring roles, has been awarded to Omen Ceriano in the online role-playing game/reality series, “Exiled! A Royal Family in Greenwich, Connecticut.”

Omen broke the news last night on Howard Stergis’ satellite radio show.

Howard:  “So, tell us about this reality thing you’re doing …”

Omen:  “Yeah … it’s pretty cool …”

H: “It’s a reality show, but it’s not a reality show … how in the heck does that work?”

O: “Well, it’s all improvised … but we’re playing characters, so it’s more like … I dunno … shot in a mockumentary style.”

“Kinda like that Phoebe character … what’s her name … she did something like that on HBO after Friends …”

“I don’t know …”

“Yeah, man … it flopped.” (laughs)

“Well, this show is really going to be kick-ass … lots of drama … great story lines …”

“All shot in Second Life … what is it about this place?  Suddenly, people are talking about it again.”

“Where do I begin. I guess for me SL has been like a second home. From the people I’ve met to the many wondrous things to do has made it a place worth coming back to. Some of the things I enjoy most in SL are the ability to create almost anything you can imagine and also the many faceted aspects of roleplay that you can find.”

“What else is there to do there?

“Another passion for me is music, no matter where you go you will hear a song that takes you to a place you remember. In my years of being here I’ve created, role played, deejayed, and probably many things I have forgotten about.”

“I’ve heard it’s nothing but a bunch of blow up dolls just bouncing off each other.” (laughs).

“Not true; not true at all.  It’s all about people.  You can meet really cool people; make great friends. I found someone I will hold dear to me for as long as I live. A story for another time perhaps.

 *   *   *

fiAdditionally, the Company has announced that it has cast Christa Burrito Echos as Fiorenza Savoy, a member of the family that will appear later in the season.  Exiled Production company welcomes both Omen and Christa to the Exiled family!

Are you interested in RP with a twist?  Please check out our entire blog and submit your application today.  Many exciting roles have yet to be cast … and roleplay starts soon!

Exiled! Matriarch Cast


Exiled Production Company is pleased to announce several casting decisions, the first being that the role of reality-series Matriarch, Her Serene Highness, Rebecca Townsend Farnese, the Dowager Crown Princess, has been awarded to Bailey Hellamen, a veteran role-player in the virtual world of Second Life.

Recently, we sat down with her.

Thanks for visiting with us today.  What do you like most about Second Life?

Should I list them all (laughs)?   My love of music has always played a huge part in this world, from listening to live music to deejaying.  Deejaying is something I’ve done for many years in Second Life, and I love a vast array of music.  Live music is just sheer genius …and the voices you find in SL sometimes just blows you away.

Photography:  another huge side to my SL.  The creative outlet of art will always keep me coming back even when I’ve been away for a while.  It’s the creative side that hold me in place and makes me who I am.

Don’t laugh, but I love golf in SL.  (We both laugh) … I’m not good at it, but I do love it.

Exploring … the wanderlust spirit that I have in RL spills over to my other life as well, and I’m always on a quest to find new lands … to see something that someone has put so much time and love into.  It’s a beautiful thing!

Fashion and shopping… my biggest sin!  It’s no wonder I never have any money (laughs).

Roleplaying is such a huge thing in SL now.  I can remember when Bloodlines started more than half a decade ago.  I think some aspect of it has always been part of Second Life, but it seems to have really exploded in the last three to four years.

I have a fair bit of experience in roleplay.  I participated in an urban RP sim for a few years called “City of Concord.”  I’ve done a little bit of fantasy RP, school RP … I’ve probably done a little bit of it all.

What attracted you to the role of Rebecca; the shepherd of these rich, spoiled coming-of-age Kardashian wannabes with titles? (laughs)

I haven’t seen anything like it before in SL.  It’s different, to me … it seems like RP with a twist.  I love the concept of it being TV and reality.

But, Rebecca in particular.  What draws you to her?

I see her as a challenge, and when faced with a challenge, I normally succeed.  We share a few things in real life … I won’t say age (laughs), but I don’t have any titles!  Let’s say I have the experience to play that age group,  and I really love her background story. I’m very pleased with the faith the Exiled Production Company has in me, and I’m very excited to see where I could take this role as it progresses.

The director slipped me some of your interview.

Oh gosh!

Do you mind if I read some of it?

(shakes her head).  Go right ahead.

This is some of the roleplay you improvised.  (reads aloud) [09:49] Rebecca watched her daughter rise from the sofa and walk towards her, listening to the girl go on and on about her siblings. All she could think about was how each and everyone of them reminded her of their father. Her eyes drifted down as she looked at her wedding ring and she turned it a few times on her finger as she felt Lisa’s head rest on her shoulder.  Slowly, she brought her hand up to lightly touch its softness as Lisa started to talk about the social calendar.  

She rested her hand rest gently on her Lisa’s blond hair, and she smiled as she finally spoke. “Of course, Lisa.  We should show a united front.”

Her hand dropped to her side as she felt a kiss plant firmly on her cheek, and a flash of a memory some years before when a kiss against her cheek had only been a foreshadowing of something more sinister.

(stops reading)  Wow!

(shrugs)  What can I say?  I love roleplay.

We wish you the best of luck!  Congratulations.

Thank you so much.

*   *   *
Gage Profi

In other news, the Company announced that the guest starring role of Damian the butler has been cast, and was awarded to Gage Bradshaw Firehawk, Junior.  Gage has experience in roleplay in Second Life, and the team looks forward to his development in this new role.

Additionally, the Company has added several new members to our Acting Troupe.  Many of these talented ladies and gentlemen (two of whom have industry or academic experience in theater) will be performing in a variety of roles as the reality series begins.  The Company welcomes Emmett Cullen, Guenevere Amaranth, Era, Allen Firethorn, and Abigail Rexie, and hopes to make permanent promotions for many of them soon.

Are you interested in RP with a twist?  Please check out our entire blog and submit your application today.  Many exciting roles have yet to be cast … and roleplay starts soon!

Meet the Savoys


Slightly less than four hundred years ago, the Savoy family lost the Archduchy of Sanremo to the usurping Farnese clan, largely in part by actions of the very powerful Duke of Parma, a Farnese cousin.  It’s something the family never forgot … and it was a Savoy King of Italy that annexed the small Archduchy at the end of the First World War.

Victor Savoy’s family were direct descendants of the last Savoy Archduke, and have always harbored hopes of regaining their heritage.  Fresh from winning the ancient family lands (part of the inheritance of the Royal Family, but considered to be personal property and not part of the state) in the Italian courts, this 30 year old Marquis planned a trip to the US to confront his distant cousin, the Crown Prince, Bert Farnese, in hopes of him disavowing his claims to the crown – with cash, if needed.

But then the news came of his death, and with that the rumors that the new Crown Prince may not even share Farnese blood.  He booked a plane to Connecticut with his siblings knowing this would be easier than he ever imagined.

The role of Victor Savoy will be announced on Sunday, September 13th, 2015.  Please click HERE to apply for that role, or any of the other roles within the Savoy clan:

Antonio Savoy – 28 years of age – currently accepting applications

Bella Savoy – 25 years of age – currently accepting applications

Fiora Savoy – 21 years of age – currently accepting applications

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