Exiled! Title Opener

Rebecca sat there drinking her coffee watching the maid wash up the morning dishes, she had been talking to Liz for sometime that morning, and it felt good to have some time with her daughter without the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household.

She sighed.  “You know staying around the house isn’t such a big deal, and staying in town is not such a huge problem, either.

“It’s, mainly,”  she said with slight pauses as she mulled her words over carefully.   “It’s more the kids.  Well, no.  It’s more Eddie, who’s out to all hours of the night.”

She sipped her morning brew as Liz clicked messages on her phone.  “How on earth do you ground a grown man who just isn’t prepared to listen?” she asked, turning in her seat slightly to look at her regal daughter, hoping for some sort of response.

Rebecca & Liz dish in the Kitchen

Elizabeth Farnese shifts in her seat while her mother continues her concerns about Eddie’s all nighter’s. She slowly runs her finger around the rim of the nearly cold coffee cup. She makes a slight response with a twitch of her forehead at the last remark.

“Eh!” She says, shaking her head slightly as she glances toward Megan to see if she is observant enough to freshen her cup. She dabs her lips with the cloth napkin before placing it back across her lap.

She turns toward her mother, nodding. “Well mother, we’re just going to have to create a united front. No more bickering. We will just have to march up there and tell him how it’s going to be.” She lets out a sigh knowing this is easier said than done.

Megan mutters to herself as she sets down the dishes, wiping the soap from her hands. She walks slowly toward Liz with the last of the pot of coffee. ”I’ll start another pot of coffee.”

Rebecca places her coffee mug on the table.  She closes her eyes to the sound of her daughters voice.  She wasnt feeling too well and this whole situation really had her stressed out; perhaps more then it should have. But, the boy was her son and that son was now a man and needed to start be a bit more responsible.

“Liz, it’s very easy for you to say, ‘Go up there …’.   You’re not his mother.  For the last eighteen years that boy has done nothing but define me , and I’m not sure how much more I can take.”

She looked around the kitchen and finally her eyes landed back at the table. She really needed something to eat to soak up the coffee. Maybe toast, she thought to herself.

“Megan be a love and prepare me a round of toast please.” she pushed the coffee mug further away.

Liz smiles up at Megan, giving her the half-amused smile she normally saves for the paparazzi.   She motions her hand as if to say no more, ignoring whatever it was that was muttered.

“Oh! Thank you, Megan, but if I have another drop, I’ll be on ten all day long.” She gives a soft chuckle. It pleased her to see their money was not going to waste on the help. She inclines her head towards her mother after she hears her request for some toast.

“Yes, do go ahead and get the dowager her toast and a glass of mineral water, please.” She offers her that smile again before looking her mother’s blue eyes that mirrored her own.  She had hoped that she sounded a little like Lady Mary from the public TV station; she tried so hard to mirror her elegance and grace.

“Listen mother, Eddie may defy you and the things you say but there is one thing he will not defy, and that is the almighty dollar! He understands the language of money. We just have to use that to the best of our ability.” She feels a grin beginning to spread across her face and gives a shrug.

Megan nods. “Yes Ma’am.”  She places some bread into the toaster and a few preserve options on a tray for Mrs. Farnese.

Rebecca watches her daughter’s actions and wonders for a moment as to when she turned from a delightful, friendly preteen to this demanding aristocrat.  She reminded him of some of Bert’s distant relatives in London, and all she could do was just shake her head as she continued to listen. She ignored the sarcasm that came from her daughter’s lips and she reached for her coffee mug again, looking inside it as if she was going to drink more.

“Yes, money.  It would seem most people around here understand the that language rather well.  And, while we are on this subject, you really need to back off the Crosses and the rest of that family.  You need to remember that Stephen’s family is in Boston.  He could easy just walk out of here and forget about all of us.  Then, what would we have?  An empty house with a couple of kids who are going to run back to college in a few months.”

Liz stifled a laugh to her mother’s usual reaction to things she didn’t agree with. She gave a sharp look when she mentions money and the Crosses in the same breath. She glanced towards Megan’s back before lowering her voice knowing the girl was all ears.

“Congratulations, Mother, you went…..” she pauses before looking at her watch.

“Almost a whole hour without defending the poor, poor Crosses.” She sighs.  “And, I mean that with all of the emphasis I can muster.  The fact is uncle Stephen is using us just like he used Aunt Lexi. My gut tells me he is up to something … maybe even the mur … even the deaths,” she whispered.

“I don’t know what, but I plan to find out!” She glances at the maid’s back again before speaking again “However, on this matter you are correct. We need them to stay here for the time being.”

Her face lights up. “Maybe we can use this to our advantage. Maybe they could help around the estate. After all, Damian and Megan have a lot on their plates.” She looks at Megan ” Megan, you could use some more help around here correct?”

She smirks at her mother, not waiting for the maid’s reply.

Megan carries the toast and drinks over to the ladies. ”Sorry it took a bit. I’ve been waking up early to start breakfast for all of you.” She grinned, and walked back to finish the breakfast preparations.

Rebecca looked at the toast and instantly reached for a slice, picking up a butter knife she spread some butter on to the toast very lightly and brought it up to her mouth.  She looked curiously at the girl and smiled before biting into her toast.  She mulled over what Liz had just said and finally she shook her head. “Seriously, Liz.  I don’t know where you get it from, but the Crosses are not the help!  They are your family and you need to start treating them as such, regardless of what you think, and as for your conspiracy theory as to they might be up to something, you need to think very carefully about what comes out of your mouth, my dearest daughter.” she took another bite of her toast as she thought about Stephen.

“Your dear daughter,” Liz corrected.  “I can’t be dearest of them all as I am your only one.”

“Really, Liz. you need to be a bit nicer towards people, and more so people who are you family!  That includes me!”

Liz watched as Megan worked. She smiles politely. “Thank you, that will be all Megan.”   She watches her mother butter her toast before taking a bite. Feeling herself swell with pride, she continues.  “Seriously, mother; one could do a lot worse than coming from the House of Farnese! But, that’s neither here nor there. The point is if daddy were here I wouldn’t need to think of conspiracy theories.”

She quirks a brow at her mother before suddenly standing up and grabbing her mother’s hand. “Come, lets go confront Eddie and see if he agrees with my idea of the Crosses doing something with their hands other than holding them out.”

Rebecca about falls of the chair she is sitting on when Liz grabs her.  She tumbles out of the kitchen behind her.  Confronting Eddie was not something Liz was planning on that morning, but as she was half way up the staircase when she realized what was going on, she decided to just go with it all.

Mother and Liz look for Eddie

“You know he is more then likely still sleeping” Rebecca whispered as they got to his bedroom door.  “We should knock, really shouldn’t we?” she looked almost apologetic as she stood there with her hand on the bedroom door handle.

Liz frowns.  “Mother, this needs to be handled now. You like to put things off too much.”

She raises her voice slightly. “Who cares if he is still sleeping!? When he starts to act like a responsible adult then he’ll be treated like one. Until then ..”

Eddie's Confirmation

She barges into the room. “Eddie wake up! We need………”

She abruptly stops talking as she takes in the scene before her. With her jaw nearly dropped to the floor, she looks back at her mother in shock, then back to her brother who is releasing himself from the embrace of another man.

She raises her hands in defeat.  “Is it even worth the effort or should we just surrender our our bank accounts now?”


Diary Room – Eddie Farnese

Diary Room 2 Eddie

Eddie Farnese collapses on the sofa, tightening his robe.  You can hear someone off-camera asking about a name.

“His name?” Eddie says mockingly.  “You really want me to say?  Are the camera’s rolling, because …” he pauses as someone is mumbling.  “Well,  you’re about to get a fucking earful that’s why!”

He breathes deeply.  “Okay, okay, so the fucking crown prince is gay … who gives a (network bleeps the tirade)!”

His face is red and he’s breathing fast.  “I’m telling you his … because …”

It’s obvious that he’s arguing with someone offscreen. “I don’t care about this show … this show isn’t my life … it wasn’t even my idea.”

“Talk to us about what you’re feeling …” the voice continues.

“How I’m feeling?  I feel betrayed and used, that’s how I’m feeling.  I mean, I know it’s 2015 and gay marriage blah blah … but do you know what kind of family I’m in?  Do you know what kind of pressure I’ve been under since I was spat out into this world?”

He slips down onto the sofa proper, responding to something barely audible.  “So – for the family part.  I mean, obviously, if I was going to tell my family, it was going to be on my terms … not on national television.  I just can’t believe … I just can’t believe …” he said, drifting off.

“What are you going to do now?”

He shrugs.  “Honestly … this could be the best thing.  The whole purpose of ‘the Family’ died in that fire.  Dad was supposed to run this.  I was going to do my thing until I felt like settling down … and then make a decision.  Now ..” he shrugs.  “I can just do the hell what I want.  I can play this crown prince thing till I fall over … then the money goes poof, but I won’t be here to be bummed out about it, right?”


stephen and daughter

(Exiled Production Group welcomes Era in her debut as Vicky Cross)

Victoria Cross rolls up her sleeves and directly stares at her father. ” Have you heard the rumors about Eddie? I have a reason to believe they are true. His poor behavior is going to ruin it for all of us, and I’d like to stay in a nice home for as long as I can.” Vicky frowned. ”It all has to be true..”

Stephen stands at the bottom of the grand staircase so caught up in the commotion that is going on above him his daughter’s words barely register. He raises a hand to his face and taps a neatly manicured nail on his chin thinking to himself that his luck just got better. He looks up the steps to make sure no one is listening before motioning for his daughter to join him behind the staircase. Dropping his deep baritone voice to a whisper “Honestly, I don’t give a damn who Eddie sleeps with! But what I do care about is this constitution or whatever it is so I can see if there is any way possible to change the order of succession. You need to fine this document Victoria. Is that understood?”

He slowly rubs his hands together as a smug look comes across his face, already thinking about how pitiful Liz will be when Mickey becomes Crown Prince

Vicky shakes her head. She takes a second look around to make sure they haven’t been talking to anyone else in the house who might send the plan around. ” Well, I think we shouldn’t go at the constitution this way. What about our second plan? Is there any way we can gain the crown without having me sneak around the house?” She smirks.

Stephen listens to his daughter as he takes in her blue-black hair. He frowns slightly wondering where his prim and proper daughter with her sophisticated looks have gone. He knows she has taken the death of Lexi the hardest. He gives his head a little shake. He couldn’t think about that right now. His main focus is making Mickey the crown prince. Once that was secured he would figure out how to help Vicky. He raises his hand and scratches his chin while nodding to his daughter. He gives a noncommittal answer as he is in deep thought, trying put his plan in place to get Mickey the crown.


Diary Room – Stephen Cross

Diary Room 2

He undoes the buttons on his suit before sitting down on the sofa. This is the part he dreads the most but per the contracts the family signed the diary room is mandatory. He lights the imported cigar and takes a long savoring sip of the single malted scotch that was next to it. He looks at the camera and smiles.

“Mmmm, that’s perfection…. and this is why I must make sure Mickey is Crown Prince. Not ready to give these finer things in life,” he says, winking at the camera.  He gives a sinister laugh before shrugging.

“Hell, as old man Al’s oldest grandson he should have been next in line anyway.”

He takes a pull of his Cuban and makes himself even more comfortable. His frequent sips of the scotch has made his tongue loose. “But I will say this….. this latest revelation about Eddie is going to make my job a whole lot easier.”

He turns his gaze away from the camera as if in deep thought. “My only concern is Liz. I’ve known her all her life and I know how relentless she can be. She won’t stop until she has us out.”

He takes one last pull from his cigar and stubs it out in the ashtray as he finishes his drink. He looks directly at the camera. “But I’m ready for her. She’s no match for me. It’s time for the gloves to come off!” He gives a triumphant smile and exits the room.

“Plan B will be a lot more fun anyway.”


A Washing Away

Rebecca slips in the tub, curling up in his arms as she slides into the water, his arms wrapping slowly around her as she smiles, relaxing into the mood and the steaming essence.  She was done with the day.  She was done with Liz, with Eddie, with the whole lot of them.  Now, all she had to worry about was now … Stephen … his warmth and comfort that had provided her with so much pleasure and respite from this family she had been cemented to for half of her life.

Stephen pulled her hair back, whispering in her ear.  “Mmm … my sweet lady.  How are you feeling?”

His fingers moved slowly over her silky body, touching her tender curves as they massaged her tired muscles.  These were the moments he liked – quiet, soft, easy, with little to no competition.

She was putty in his hands.  As always.

Rebecca looked up at the ceiling, her eyes beginning to fill with tears as she was reminded that the day was filled with more than just the moment she thought she was retreating into.  She reached a hand up to wipe the moisture from her face.

“I … I don’t know if I can talk about it without breaking down.” She said, and she instantly broke down into heavy sobs.  The weight of the world seemed to be crashing down on her. “Eddie is going to doom us, and Liz is just turning into … into something very vile and mean … I don’t even recognize her sometimes.”

She took a clothe and dabbed her face as she slid back down into the bubbles against him.  “Everything is on edge – one wrong move, and we’re all in the poor house.  I don’t know what to do,” she sobbed.

“I don’t know what I did wrong with my kids!”

Stephen sits up in the tub and begins to rub her shoulders. He leans in and kisses the side of her face.  “My sweet cherub.  You know you can trust me.  I’m on your side.  Tell me what you’re thinking,” he said, moving his head.  His hands moved to her tender arms, and he moved his fingers deep into her skin, hoping to resolve some of her tension.

She responded to his tender hands, moaning slightly as his fingers made magic throughout her body.  “I think the worst was when our attorney came a few weeks ago … I couldn’t believe what he had said, about how things would be tied up, and how there was no way things could be changed.”

Her face started to contort again, as if she might start to cry.  “I couldn’t believe it.  I was hoping I could make Liz the heir.  Even if all of this wasn’t new about Eddie … at least she takes it seriously, you know?”

“She told me about all of the changes in Europe – how girls can go first now in some of the countries.  Birth order or something.  It’s all over my head.  So, I couldn’t just take Junior’s for it, so I called his dad … our lawyer from like the whole time I’ve been married into this family,” she said, sniffing.

She turned to Stephen.  “It doesn’t’ get any better.  He said the exact same thing.  There’s no way around it.  It has to be Eddie .. the whole thing depends on Eddie, or it’s all over.  I don’t know what we’re going to do?”

Stephen sat up. He didn’t mind Plan B, but he didn’t like not having a choice about it.  Mikey would never be Crown Prince.  It was a hard pill to swallow.  He wiped his head, hoping Rebecca wouldn’t notice.  He leaned back, pulling her back against him.  He would kiss her, probably make love to her again.  It always worked.  It would completely shut her down, probably for the night.  He could go back to the library and try to work all of this out.

He kissed her head again, and moved his hands once more over her body, her beautiful breasts.  His hands moved down against her stomach …

Rebecca immediately gets sick when she feels his hand against her stomach.  The nausea is overwhelming and she jumps out of the tub and rushes over to the toilet, and immediately loses her dinner in the bowl.

Stephen is beside her in an instant, his hand on her back, trying to reassure her.

An Unexpected turn

Rebecca’s face is full of fear, and she looks up at Stephen as the most unspeakable truth comes to mind.  She bursts out in tears as she falls against his chest.

“What wrong?” he begs.

She sniffs.  “I’ve only been sick like this three times in my life.”


Diary Room – Damian

Diary Room #3

Damian sits in the chair, uncomfortably, scratching his head.  He twitches in his chair as someone asks him an inaudible question in the background.

“Me?” he asks, almost laughing.  “Oh … it’s not mine.”



EXILED! A Royal Family in Greenwich, Connecticut

“Carnal Knowledge”

Executive Producers

Phantom Republic & Londyn Aviva Lionheart

Directed by

Londyn Aviva Lionheart, Phantom Republic, and Bailey Hellerman


Bailey Hellerman as Rebecca Townsend Farnese

Londyn Aviva Lionheart as Elizabeth “Liz” Farnese

Era as Megan

and debuting as Vicky Cross

Phantom Republic as William Edward “Eddie” Farnese

Omen Ceriano as Stephen Cross

and Guest Starring

Gage Bradshaw Firehawk Jr. as Damian

Written by

Phantom Republic, Londyn Lionheart, Bailey Hellerman, Omen Ceriano, Gage Firehawk and Era

Story by

Phantom Republic

Edited by

Phantom Republic

Principal Photography & Animations by

Bailey Hellerman

Set Design

Phantom Republic, Londyn Lionheart, and Bailey Hellerman

This episode was live role-played at the Farnese Estate on October 23rd,  November 11th, and 14th, 2015.