Exiled Production Company is pleased to announce that the role of Stephen Cross, one of the four starring roles, has been awarded to Omen Ceriano in the online role-playing game/reality series, “Exiled! A Royal Family in Greenwich, Connecticut.”

Omen broke the news last night on Howard Stergis’ satellite radio show.

Howard:  “So, tell us about this reality thing you’re doing …”

Omen:  “Yeah … it’s pretty cool …”

H: “It’s a reality show, but it’s not a reality show … how in the heck does that work?”

O: “Well, it’s all improvised … but we’re playing characters, so it’s more like … I dunno … shot in a mockumentary style.”

“Kinda like that Phoebe character … what’s her name … she did something like that on HBO after Friends …”

“I don’t know …”

“Yeah, man … it flopped.” (laughs)

“Well, this show is really going to be kick-ass … lots of drama … great story lines …”

“All shot in Second Life … what is it about this place?  Suddenly, people are talking about it again.”

“Where do I begin. I guess for me SL has been like a second home. From the people I’ve met to the many wondrous things to do has made it a place worth coming back to. Some of the things I enjoy most in SL are the ability to create almost anything you can imagine and also the many faceted aspects of roleplay that you can find.”

“What else is there to do there?

“Another passion for me is music, no matter where you go you will hear a song that takes you to a place you remember. In my years of being here I’ve created, role played, deejayed, and probably many things I have forgotten about.”

“I’ve heard it’s nothing but a bunch of blow up dolls just bouncing off each other.” (laughs).

“Not true; not true at all.  It’s all about people.  You can meet really cool people; make great friends. I found someone I will hold dear to me for as long as I live. A story for another time perhaps.

 *   *   *

fiAdditionally, the Company has announced that it has cast Christa Burrito Echos as Fiorenza Savoy, a member of the family that will appear later in the season.  Exiled Production company welcomes both Omen and Christa to the Exiled family!

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