Slightly less than four hundred years ago, the Savoy family lost the Archduchy of Sanremo to the usurping Farnese clan, largely in part by actions of the very powerful Duke of Parma, a Farnese cousin.  It’s something the family never forgot … and it was a Savoy King of Italy that annexed the small Archduchy at the end of the First World War.

Victor Savoy’s family were direct descendants of the last Savoy Archduke, and have always harbored hopes of regaining their heritage.  Fresh from winning the ancient family lands (part of the inheritance of the Royal Family, but considered to be personal property and not part of the state) in the Italian courts, this 30 year old Marquis planned a trip to the US to confront his distant cousin, the Crown Prince, Bert Farnese, in hopes of him disavowing his claims to the crown – with cash, if needed.

But then the news came of his death, and with that the rumors that the new Crown Prince may not even share Farnese blood.  He booked a plane to Connecticut with his siblings knowing this would be easier than he ever imagined.

The role of Victor Savoy will be announced on Sunday, September 13th, 2015.  Please click HERE to apply for that role, or any of the other roles within the Savoy clan:

Antonio Savoy – 28 years of age – currently accepting applications

Bella Savoy – 25 years of age – currently accepting applications

Fiora Savoy – 21 years of age – currently accepting applications