Exiled Production Company is pleased to announce several casting decisions, the first being that the role of reality-series Matriarch, Her Serene Highness, Rebecca Townsend Farnese, the Dowager Crown Princess, has been awarded to Bailey Hellamen, a veteran role-player in the virtual world of Second Life.

Recently, we sat down with her.

Thanks for visiting with us today.  What do you like most about Second Life?

Should I list them all (laughs)?   My love of music has always played a huge part in this world, from listening to live music to deejaying.  Deejaying is something I’ve done for many years in Second Life, and I love a vast array of music.  Live music is just sheer genius …and the voices you find in SL sometimes just blows you away.

Photography:  another huge side to my SL.  The creative outlet of art will always keep me coming back even when I’ve been away for a while.  It’s the creative side that hold me in place and makes me who I am.

Don’t laugh, but I love golf in SL.  (We both laugh) … I’m not good at it, but I do love it.

Exploring … the wanderlust spirit that I have in RL spills over to my other life as well, and I’m always on a quest to find new lands … to see something that someone has put so much time and love into.  It’s a beautiful thing!

Fashion and shopping… my biggest sin!  It’s no wonder I never have any money (laughs).

Roleplaying is such a huge thing in SL now.  I can remember when Bloodlines started more than half a decade ago.  I think some aspect of it has always been part of Second Life, but it seems to have really exploded in the last three to four years.

I have a fair bit of experience in roleplay.  I participated in an urban RP sim for a few years called “City of Concord.”  I’ve done a little bit of fantasy RP, school RP … I’ve probably done a little bit of it all.

What attracted you to the role of Rebecca; the shepherd of these rich, spoiled coming-of-age Kardashian wannabes with titles? (laughs)

I haven’t seen anything like it before in SL.  It’s different, to me … it seems like RP with a twist.  I love the concept of it being TV and reality.

But, Rebecca in particular.  What draws you to her?

I see her as a challenge, and when faced with a challenge, I normally succeed.  We share a few things in real life … I won’t say age (laughs), but I don’t have any titles!  Let’s say I have the experience to play that age group,  and I really love her background story. I’m very pleased with the faith the Exiled Production Company has in me, and I’m very excited to see where I could take this role as it progresses.

The director slipped me some of your interview.

Oh gosh!

Do you mind if I read some of it?

(shakes her head).  Go right ahead.

This is some of the roleplay you improvised.  (reads aloud) [09:49] Rebecca watched her daughter rise from the sofa and walk towards her, listening to the girl go on and on about her siblings. All she could think about was how each and everyone of them reminded her of their father. Her eyes drifted down as she looked at her wedding ring and she turned it a few times on her finger as she felt Lisa’s head rest on her shoulder.  Slowly, she brought her hand up to lightly touch its softness as Lisa started to talk about the social calendar.  

She rested her hand rest gently on her Lisa’s blond hair, and she smiled as she finally spoke. “Of course, Lisa.  We should show a united front.”

Her hand dropped to her side as she felt a kiss plant firmly on her cheek, and a flash of a memory some years before when a kiss against her cheek had only been a foreshadowing of something more sinister.

(stops reading)  Wow!

(shrugs)  What can I say?  I love roleplay.

We wish you the best of luck!  Congratulations.

Thank you so much.

*   *   *
Gage Profi

In other news, the Company announced that the guest starring role of Damian the butler has been cast, and was awarded to Gage Bradshaw Firehawk, Junior.  Gage has experience in roleplay in Second Life, and the team looks forward to his development in this new role.

Additionally, the Company has added several new members to our Acting Troupe.  Many of these talented ladies and gentlemen (two of whom have industry or academic experience in theater) will be performing in a variety of roles as the reality series begins.  The Company welcomes Emmett Cullen, Guenevere Amaranth, Era, Allen Firethorn, and Abigail Rexie, and hopes to make permanent promotions for many of them soon.

Are you interested in RP with a twist?  Please check out our entire blog and submit your application today.  Many exciting roles have yet to be cast … and roleplay starts soon!