Liz sighs, slowly resigning herself to what must be Martin’s truth. Money was most important, and while she may not always have Paris, she certainly had access to the internet.

Exiled! Title Opener

Martin Stigglesmith, Jr., Esq., arrives at the door of the Farnese mansion and promptly places his briefcase on the ground.   He pulls down his suit jacket, smooths out his hair and then raises a cupped hand up to his mouth and breaths into his hand.  He pulls back slightly, sniffs at his hand and lowers it as the other hand deftly pulls out a roll of lifesavers from the other pocket, flicking one in his mouth as he picked his briefcase back up and knocks at the door with some authority.  He’s determined to make a good impression as instructed to do by his elderly father, and he takes a long draw out breath and waits for the door to be answered.

Kammy Farnese, Liz and Eddie’s younger sister, gets the perfect angle for her selfie when she hears a loud knock coming from the Front Hall.  She pauses and looks around before slowly making her way to the door.  She opens it a crack and peers out at the man.

“Uhm. yes?” she says.. not used to having visitors at the house. Her eyes look the man up and down as she waits for a response.

Martin smiles at the young girl at the door and nods.  “I’m here to see Mrs. Farnese.”

Kammy blinks and nods as she opens the door more. “Oh! My mother,” she says in a bored tone. She lets the man in and starts wondering why someone official looking would be there to see her mother.

Martin steps through the door and looks around big grand hallway and smiles a bit more and then directly looks at the girl again. “Thank you.”

She looks up from her phone and gives a passing “yahuh” at him.  Her eyes settle back on her phone as she yells out from the bottom of her lungs.

“Mom!?! Someone at the door!!”  She wondered where all the help was.   Shouldn’t they be answering the door?

He took a few steps back away from the strange looking girl; he was slightly alarmed by her sudden outburst on calling her mother, feeling unsure on what to do next he placed his case on the floor and started to adjust his tie again, a nervous fidget he had when feeling very uncomfortable in certain situations.

Liz Farnese is sitting in the parlor looking at the latest photos from NY Fashion week, making mental notes of what she plans to buy. She waits to see how long it takes Damian to get the door but is not surprised when she hears her sister’s voice and a male stranger. She places the photos on the table as she stands when she hears the stranger asking for her mother. Her interest piqued, she smooths her clothes and walks into the hall nearly jumping out of her skin as her sister bellows for her mother.

She smiles at the handsome stranger wondering what business he has with her mother. She gives her sister a look over and frowns at her hair as she sports the color of the day and her requisite attire. She brushes her sister aside quickly.

“Thank you, Camilla,” she said, refusing to repeat the awful nickname everyone in the house seems to enjoy calling her. “Mother is indisposed at the moment. I will see to Mr … uhm…”

Kammy’s eyes look up from her phone and land on her sister, she makes a face and mutters, “Of course, you will.”  She looks back up at the man and mouths,  “Good luck” as she turned and walked away, her eyes buried deep in her phone again as she thought of how much of a busy body her sister was being.

Ever being the princess, Liz turns to the impeccably dressed man and raises a brow waiting for him to introduce himself.

Martin’s eyes widen a little when he sees the very attractive blond girl come walking out of the room to his right, and he hesitates for a split second and then remembered his father’s words as she stepped forward to introduce himself.

He finally shakes off his anxiety, offering a hand towards the blond girl and smiles. “Hello, I am Martin Stigglesmith, Jr., Attorney at Law.”

He tried to rush in a thank you to the other young lady but she seemed to have already disappeared. Strange kid, he thought to himself.

Liz has already forgot Kammy as she hers him introduces himself in his beautiful baritone voice. Her mouth form a perfect “O” as his name registers, trying to recall if her father had mentioned Stigglesmith having a son. She recovers and reaches out her hand to shake his finally realizing he had been holding it out for a moment.  “A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Martin Stigglesmith… Jr.,” she says with her flirty side coming out.

“Please let’s have a seat in the library.” She heads through the doors looking over her shoulder to see if he was following her or just watching her walk away.

Logan and Liz

Martin nods his head a few times wondering if maybe he was beginning to look like one of the nodding dogs that sat on the dashboard of cars.  He really did need to get some sort of grip on himself and start to act like the lawyer his father had always told him he could be.  He starts following the girl’s lead, moving behind her as she opens the great door to the massive room. He was curious about her intentions … clearly this wasn’t the forty-something year old woman his father had told him about,  and on entering the room he decided to take control and promptly asked her two questions.

“And you are? … and where is Mrs. Farnese , its very important that I see her.”

Liz mentally kicks herself realizing  that she did not introduce herself. If it weren’t for his good looks, she thinks to herself.  She gracefully takes a seat behind the large desk and waves him into a chair giving herself time to regain her faculties. She offers him a reassuring smile as she crosses her long legs.

“I wasn’t aware Stigglesmith had a son. Mother was expecting your father.” She uncrosses her legs as she fidgets in her chair. She silently scolds herself and tries to comport herself as Grandma Reggie had taught her.  “… and please forgive me, I’m Liz Farnese. Mrs. Farnese’s daughter. So tell me, what have you found out?” Dodging his question of her mother’s whereabouts. God only knew where she was or who she was with.

Martin adjusts his tie a little, and looking at the girl as he nodded respectfully. “I suppose that would be the Princess Elizabeth, your Highness,” he said, smiling, totally unaware that she had dodged his question about the whereabouts of her mother.

He takes the seat as instructed and mutters something along the lines that it was nice to meet her, he places his case back down on the ground beside the chair  and looks at her directly.

“Well,” he pauses as he goes over the words in his head so that he will answer her correctly and efficiently. “It would seem that the hold on the accounts was a precautionary measure. The state of Connecticut is sending down an investigator, the forensics at the scene created new questions.  They’re asking that no one in the family leave Greenwich for the time being. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is nothing as your lawyers that we can do. We have to abide by what the authorities say, Miss Farnese.”

Liz listens carefully, visibly swallowing and she feels her eyes becoming misty as she hears the severity of the situation with the words. Investigator.   Bad news.  She doesn’t like any of it, and she fumbles around the desk looking for tissues and dabs at her eyes. She grows frustrated when he tells her no one can leave the state for the time being; heck, he said stay in the city! She was just making plans to head to NY for some much needed shopping.  It was almost winter, and she didn’t want to be caught dead in fall colors come December.

She gives him her crisis pout. “Not leave the state?! Really?  For how long?” She blinks her eyes a bit in order to make her unshed tears fall ” Is there not anything you can do to change their minds, Mr. Stigglesmith?” She dabs at her eyes again.

Martin presses his lips together, not really sure how to cope with her sudden outburst of emotion as he tries to explain the situation a little more clearly. “The thing is Miss; we are trying very hard here to avoid a publicity disaster with the media, I have been told that you can expect an investigator sometime in the next week.

“There is one other thing I should mention to you,” he gives a slight pauses, again relaying the words to himself before speaking them out “the authorities are willing to strike a deal with the family” suddenly he reaches down to his briefcase and lays it out flat on the ground and pulls out a sheet of paper he looks it over briefly before continuing with what he was saying.  “If you where to hand over your passports they would then in return allow you to withdraw family funds from your bank account for living expenses and such like, but like I said only if you hand over your passports.”

He smiled at her hoping this was good news and she would remain calm, he didn’t cope well with women who were emotional at the best of times, and more so when they where strangers.  He placed the sheet of paper he had been holding back into the case but left it open in case he needed to reach for anything else that would instruct and help him in this situation.

Liz nods as he patiently further explains about trying to contain the bad press. which she was very thankful for because Lord knows they don’t need anymore. She stands to pour herself a drink, offering him one as he continued to speak. She watches him reach into his briefcase and pull out a sheet of paper. She takes a sip of her drink nearly choking when he mentions giving over their passports. “Whose do they want?!”

He took a deep breath. “Miss Farnese, Your grandfather’s will states that the bulk of the fortune goes to the male heir, and uses as a reference the last rule of law that governed this family, the Sanremo Constitution of 1758.”

Martin coughs, and reaches for his tie but stops himself and the coughs again to clear his throat instead.  He nods his head when she offers him a drink, even if though he knows he shouldn’t drink while working.

“Everyone, Miss Farnese,” he said, careful to hold her gaze.  “You, your family, the the Crosses and anyone else that lives in the house.”   He rests the glass on his leg and leans back into the wing backed chair he was sitting in, what he wouldn’t do for a cigarette right now, he looked over at her and looked for some sort of reaction from her, he felt it was a good deal but you could never tell with the rich.  They seemed to think they deserved more then most by his estimation.

“This is going from bad to worse!” Liz groans. She paces around the library silently blaming her mother, not entirely sure why but since she’s American, it must be her fault.  She turns on her heel taking another sip of her drink watching young Stigglesmith relax in his chair. She thinks to herself he isn’t bad looking… actually he is hot, though a little uptight. She chalks it up to him being professional. She continues to pace with her drink in one hand and the other on her hip.

“And what does your father say? Has he exhausted every avenue? To give up our passports is a hard thing to ask. We do business around the world. This is my Grandfather’s legacy.” Clearly she is grasping at straws. She can’t give up her passport. There were the plans to visit Christian Louboutin in a few weeks with Lily-Rose to consider.

Liz sighs, slowly resigning herself to what must be Martin’s truth. Money was most important, and while she may not always have Paris, she certainly had access to the internet.

She purses her lips thinking that she will have to be bothered with the Crosses for a little while longer. She sets her drink down on the service cart sighing as she walks toward Stigglesmith. She smiles and looks him in the eye.

“You have given me a lot to think about, Stigglesmith. I will speak with my family and let them know the option we have. I thank you and your father for your loyalty to our family.”

Martin was still watching her closely, and he nods at her and mouthed your welcome when she thanked him for his services.

She begins to turn away but turns back suddenly. “Oh, what do you know about inheritance law? My brother seems unwilling to do the right thing and take his place as Crown Prince as he should.”

He took another sip from the glass as he pushed thoughts about her out of his mind, it would be very unprofessional but everything in him wanted to ask her if she would like dinner sometime, his thoughts where suddenly interrupted when she asked the additional question, pausing he reached down to his case placing the glass besides it and pulled out two sheets of paper, quickly scanning them he then looked up at her, trying not to smirk as he had heard certain rumors about the brother in question.

He forced the smirk into a smile “Well, Miss Farnese, to be honest he doesnt have much choice, ” he says, bending down to place the papers back in the case and lifted the glass again letting it rest on his knee as he looked at her.

Liz was very aware of how young Snigglesmith was watching her, however her breath caught in her throat when he turned that wicked smile on her. Feeling a bit weak in the knees she takes a seat across from him willing herself to get back to the matter at hand. She discreetly looks down at his left hand feeling herself brighten as it is bare. She looks back up at him. “I’m sorry, I don’t follow. What do you mean?”

She gently touches her stomach thinking to herself surely those are not butterflies she’s feeling.

He looks down at the glass that was still resting on his knee, he lifted it to his lips but instead of taking a sip he let it rest back down as his eyes followed her to the chair she was again sitting in, after she sat back down he then took a sip of his drink, finishing it off, placing the empty glass on the table in front of him.  He moved a few papers around in the case and picked out one sheet of paper looking over it he then laid it to rest as he finally sat up and turned his body to face her, clearing his throat.

He took a deep breath. “Miss Farnese, Your grandfather’s will states that the bulk of the fortune goes to the male heir, and uses as a reference the last rule of law that governed this family, the Sanremo Constitution of 1758.”

He smiled as he finished speaking, he really could do with another drink but as he knew his place he wasn’t about to ask for one.  He fidgets with his fingers waiting on her response to his answer.

She notices his agitation, and almost offers him another drink, but decides against it. Just her luck he would encounter a reporter or two as he leaves the house. She slowly shakes her head not understanding.  “But, Grandpa Al has been gone for ten years. What does my father’s will say? Surely his will supersedes Grandpa Al’s?”  She looks at him earnestly realizing he has gorgeous brown eyes.

He nods his head and places his hands on his legs just above the knees when he then realized how lame he must look he moved around in the chair trying to find a more relaxed looking position to sit in. “Well, here is the thing Miss …”

“L…” she starts to speak, wanting those gorgeous lips to utter her common name before the common-ness of it prevents her from finishing her sentence.  He looks at her quizzically until she brushes off his distraction, urging him to continue.

“Your father didnt have a will,” he continued. “I dont want to speak out of place here but there are some very vital facts you need to understand, you are all basically surviving on trust funds set up by your grandfather, if and I say if in the most serious of terms … if your brother was to abdicates or doesn’t produce a male heir, that the titles in the family will revert to the next living direct descendant of the first Archduke, and the fortune itself will go to charity … including those set up as trust funds.”

As he finished his little speech he really felt like he should stand or so something other then then just sit there like a lame duck.  Instead, he looked for a reaction in her face and when he was sure he saw one. he smiled, hoping to relive the stress some.

Liz, on the other hand, felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her at the lawyer’s revelation. She nearly jumped out of her seat but she briefly closed her eyes as Grandma Reggie’s voice echoed in the back of her mind “never let them see you sweat.” She fluttered her lashes a bit and pasted on a smile all the while thinking about the rumors swirling around her brother’s sexual proclivities.

“I see. Well, that won’t be an issue. My brother will certainly continue the line, Mr. Stigglesmith. We Farneses always accept our responsibilities.” She quickly stands suddenly wanting to be alone now. “Stigglesmith, again I thank you for all your help. Can I show you the way out or can you find it on your own?” She smiles so wide her cheeks hurt. She hated to see the handsome gentleman go but she had some things to figure out. First thing was how to keep this information from the Crosses knowing they would exploit it.

Martin wasn’t sure what to make of her reaction.  He tried very hard to study her, but it seemed she was a hard one to figure out.  She looked happy, yet thought he heard a sense of sadness or maybe panic in her voice, as she stood so did he, knowing it was his cue to leave,

He fought an urge to ask her for dinner, knowing his father would be very angry at him … business and pleasure not mixing, and all of that.  But, he couldn’t help but what a pleasure she would be!

“I can see myself out,” he said, nodding to her.  “And if you need any more information or just need to talk through somethings please know I am here at your service, ”  he continues, passing her his business card with his direct line printed on it.

“Oh,” he said, turning as he made it to the door.  “Please give my kind regards to your mother and tell her I am sorry I missed her today.”

Liz nodded as she sank back in her chair.


Diary Room – Kammy Farnese

Kammy in the Diary Room

Kammy sits down on the sofa, her phone gripped tightly in her hand.  She adjusts her hair and checks her makeup before looking at the camera

“Are we rolling?” she barks in an un-amused tone.

“Well, by now you have met my family… What a joy that must have been for you.” she rolls her eyes and glances down at her phone before continuing.

“I really don’t even know where to start with these people. Its like I was adopted or something. My sister is completely insane. I think she needs to be locked up or something. My brother is a Playboy wannabe, always partying and away from the house, and my Mother is a slu…” she pauses realizing what she had just said. she whispers at the camera “You can edit that out right?”

“I am so sick of being invisible to everyone lately. If they think what i have been doing is a huge shock, then I cant wait for the reaction I’m going to get in the next couple of weeks, its going to be good.” she giggles and smiles at her phone, half paying attention to the camera.

She pouts her lips and poses while taking a selfie, then looks back to the camera “You haven’t seen anything yet”


Stephen Tells his Kids

Stephen Cross moves his head from the library door as he hears Liz say her goodbyes the lawyer.  He makes it around the corner just in time when he hears the door open.  He gives his kids a look and motions them into the game room. With what he just heard he hoped the concern wasn’t showing on his face as badly as it played in his mind. After everyone was in he closed the door behind them, turning to look at each of them.  “Where’s Mikey?”

John follows behind, shrugging, looking at his dad strangely as they move into the room, his hand moving earbuds from his head, and stuffing them in a pocket.  “What’s up, Dad … what’s all the fuss about?”

“I’ll have to catch up with him later, then.”  Stephen sighs and rubs his temples. “Unfortunately, Liz seems to still have it out for our family.” He though for a moment, trying to choose his words carefully “There are some things in place that will make for a bad situation if we do not make sure they are dealt with.  I didn’t catch all of it, but there’s something in some constitution or something … and if certain things don’t happen, we could lose everything … which I’m sure Liz will see to.”

Vicky looks concerned as her father began to speak and she after he was done she was more concerned as she said “Oh my god! I work so hard to make sure Liz likes me … now I have to worry about some piece of paper, too?”

Her father shakes his head as an idea forms. For a moment a glimpse of a grin played across his face before his concern overtook it. “We’ll have to get a copy of these documents.”  He spoke almost to himself.  If Liz is trying to out-maneveur Eddie because she’s older … why couldn’t we do the same since my late wife Lexi is older than their dad?

Vicky was still concerned and she voiced this to her father, twirling the multiple-colors of her hair in her fingers.  “Daddy … I don’t know if that will work. I don’t know if any of it will work. They have all the money … they have all the lawyers … basically we’re just guests here now that Momma is dead!”

Stephen lets his grin form as he nods to himself. “Yes I think this will work.”He turns to his daughter, clearing his throat.  “I just need you to find a copy of the documents.”

He turned his attention to John and gave him an even bigger grin. “And I’ll need you to get close to Eddie.  Think of it as becoming his new best pal and lets us know what he’s up to.”  His face moves to each of them as it seems something is going on in his brain. “I have my own homework to do while you both are busy.”

John nods at his dad, reaching back into his pocket to re-apply his earbuds.

Vicky nods at her father and starts to twirl a piece of her hair out of nervousness “And what plan is that?” She was getting more nervous now, and was hoping no one was listening to them.  “Where is this document exactly?”

Stephen places a hand on her shoulder to reassure her.  “You will get it done.  I’ll make sure the Farnese family is occupied, as for my plan it is something I’ve been working on for a time.”

He sighs and hangs his head for a moment. “Lets just say if it works, we won’t have to worry anymore.”


Diary Room – Vicky Cross

Vicky Finally Shares

Vicky walks into the Diary room immediately after the Cross family huddle.  She sighs and sits down on the sofa all lady like despite her outward appearance.

“Where do I begin?” She started off and started twirling her hair once more out of nervousness. “Daddy tells me there’s some document in the house somewhere about the true heir, Liz wants us out and I thought she was starting to like me. This is all too much..we’re just guests and if they want us, out shouldn’t we get out?”

She takes a few moments to collect her thoughts.  “Then daddy says the document has to be found and he wants me to find it, I’m worried that they’re going to catch me and that could be even worse than finding out the true heir. That and daddy has some plan he wont share with me and my brothers … I can’t take it.”

She gets up and waves the camera people off. “I need a few moments to myself and away from these damned cameras.  How do I take this damn mike off?”


Damian, the family butler, awaits Mrs. Rebecca Farnese by the poolside bearing a glistening tray containing a carefully mixed cocktail. He waits for her to fully emerge from the water then he greets her with his usual captivating smile. Damian speaks while indicating the drink.

“Your refreshment, Mrs. Farnese.” He approaches her with his tray and personally delivers the drink into her hand. He then wraps a towel around his beautiful employer while being exceptionally attentive.

Damian Brings as Cocktail

Rebecca smiles upon seeing Damien carrying her afternoon cocktail, swimming over to the side of the pool she climbs out with her back to him, then once on her feet she turns and flashes him and even bigger smile as he walks closer to her, taking the drink from him, she sighs deeply.

“Thank you Damien, I didn’t even realize what the time was!” she said, taking a sip.  “Where is everyone?   What are they all up to?”

She feels him wrap the towel around her and she holds her breath slightly as she closes her eyes and thinks to herself what a good investment he was becoming, so attentive and always when she needed it the most.

Damian gives Rebecca Farnese a warm smile and a slight nod at her gratitude. “My pleasure, Mrs. Farnese.”

He takes a lip of the towel, and dabs at the moisture on her shoulder. “Young Miss Farnese is in a meeting with the attorney Mrs Farnese.”  He speaks little knowing he does not want to be infringing in the family affairs.

Rebecca takes another sip of her drink as she listens to him tell her about her daughter and her meeting, she shakes her head and lets out a long sigh, standing still for a moment she wonders how far should she take it … should she confront them, or at least confront Liz later?

She turns her face to the young man. “Oh, really!  Interesting.”

She pauses, taking another sip of her cocktail and slight smirk runs across her face as she stretches and arches her back. “Well, I’m sure if its anything important she will let me know at some point. Shame … I really thought I could trust that one more so then any other, but I guess I was wrong.”

“Well, whatever” she flicks her wet hair back and brings the glass up to her lips again, only to pause and look at him again “anything else you need to tell me about, Damien?”

Damian nods, adding, “The Crosses seem to be holding their own meeting in the game room.” He turns slightly towards the house reflectively.  He knows more than he’s sharing, and he knows the information means power.

He looks back at Rebecca, wondering if he has mixed the cocktail to his employer’s taste. He straightens her towel out around her, handing her a napkin for the glass dripping in condensation.

Rebecca rolls her eyes in a very childish way she takes another sip of her drink and stands looking at him as if she is taking in the all information he has just delivered to her.  She watches his actions and tilts her head while still looking at him.

“Well, I have to say I’m not surprised,” she says, bringing the glass up to her lips as she lifts a hand and runs a finger down the front of his waistcoat stepping closer to him as she does, finally she sips from the glass and lets out a laugh.

“I have to say,” she continues.   “I am a bit sick and tired of them all thinking I’m just some useless blond who does nothing but drink all day. They really shouldn’t underestimate me.   I’m more then just a socialite and a mother and any other thing that they may think I am,” she leaves her hand on his chest as she speaks all the time tapping a finger nail against him him and smiling.

“I have cards to play, they better watch out, they could all get left behind at this rate!” She turns on her heels still smiling as she walks over to the sun lounger to grab her robe, but instead she turns back and faces him. “I really am not stupid.  You know this, don’t you Damien?”

Damian smiles with calculation, and grins slightly at his employer’s threats to the rest of the family. He is rather amused by it. Damian glances back at the house thinking of her hand against his chest. It seems every day at Farnese house something happens that makes it easier for him to survive.  A simple worry about her daughter Liz seeing this slight intimacy; now, he knows what value it has to the press … knowing this hand merely gives him more security.  “I would never underestimate you, Mrs. Farnese.”

Rebecca lets the towel that he had wrapped around her shoulders drop to the floor.  “It’s good to know at least one person in this house knows what’s up here in my head!” she gives him a slight wink as she stretches again.

“Oh, my back is really bothering me today!  I think I may have a knot in it … all the stress this house brings!”  She stands there for a few seconds before she turns and starts to walk towards the house slowly, wondering if he might follow.

At the door, she turns around and gestures with her hand.  “Come, you can come help relieve the tense in my back.”  A wicked smiles crosses her face as slowly opens the door, and the main stairs that would lead to her bedroom.

Damian Assists the Dowager


Diary Room – Damian

Damian sits upright yet clearly uncomfortable in his formal uniform. He clears his throat as he reveals a fetching smile “Honestly, I’m extremely grateful to have been hired by such a beautiful employer. ”

“Although ever since Mr and Miss Farnese – Eddie and Liz – have been back, things have been pretty hectic around here.” He chuckles as if with not a care in the world. He then continues, showing a little more seriousness… “True, Miss Farnese has her protocols about how to interact with Megan and myself. I just don’t know how she got so uptight though. I’ll bet everybody has been complaining about her, huh?”

Damian lets out a smirk while he fiddles with his man bun. “Like I said, I’m just glad to be doing my job and going out on the weekends. I guess, while I still have that freedom. I just hope things don’t get too strict around here,” he said, smiling with the devilish grin that always seems to make Rebecca melt.

“Not sure what’s up with the Crosses.  I don’t think Liz will stop until they’re evicted from Farnese House.” He shrugs carelessly.

A woman’s voice offscreen wraps it up, and he smiles again, winking at the interviewer.  “I’m free after this, want to grab a coffee?”


EXILED! A Royal Family in Greenwich, Connecticut

“The Gunpowder Plot”

Executive Producers

Phantom Republic & Londyn Aviva Lionheart

Directed by

Londyn Aviva Lionheart, Phantom Republic, and Bailey Hellerman


Bailey Hellerman as Rebecca Townsend Farnese

Londyn Aviva Lionheart as Elizabeth “Liz” Farnese

Phantom Republic as William Edward “Eddie” Farnese

Omen Ceriano as Stephen Cross


Abigale Rexie as Camilla “Kammy” Farnese

Christa Echos as Victoria “Vicky” Cross

and Guest Starring

Gage Bradshaw Firehawk Jr. as Damian

with Phan Republic as John Cross


Logan Graves as Martin Stigglesmith

Written by

Phantom Republic, Londyn Lionheart, Bailey Hellerman, Omen Ceriano, Gage Firehawk, Abigale Rexie, and Christa Echos

Story by

Phantom Republic

Edited by

Phantom Republic

Principal Photography & Animations by

Bailey Hellerman

Set Design

Phantom Republic, Londyn Lionheart, and Bailey Hellerman

This episode was live role-played at the Farnese Estate on October 4th,  8th, and 10th, 2015.