Exiled! needs a few good men!  Exiled! is a role-playing game, a reality series … and tons of built in drama.  Beautiful women, sexy men, an inheritance up for grabs, a murder mystery, and a love triangle to boot.  Did I mention its a game?

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NOT BEEN CASTVictor Savoy, 30 years of age

Style & Title: Marchese Victor Alphonse di Bussana

Victor is a calculated man – having recently convinced the Italian government to return the ancient familial lands belonging to the royal family of Sanremo to him, he is in Connecticut with his siblings for one reason, and one reason only: for their legal concession and abdication of the titles they claim.

His calculations start to unravel, though, when his siblings become involved with the stateside family, less concerned with ancient titles than they are with the extravagance of their American cousins, and in some cases, the American citizenship of those potential interests.

NOT BEEN CASTMichael “Mikey” Cross, 20 years of age

Style & Title: Lord Cross, the Earl of Imperia

Michael is the eldest of Stephen’s children.  He feels resentful of Lisa, Eddie and his other cousins in the family – thinking he should have been entitled to the family’s titles since his mother was oldest.

He’s a junior in college, but has also decided to stay home at least a semester to deal with the loss of his mother, and find any advantage he can to maximize his own family’s legacy.


Elden Pepperidge, 47 years of age, Detective – Connecticut State Police

Elden is a career detective with the state police, and the murder of the Farnese family is his first big case.  He’s hoping he doesn’t bungle it – the press coverage earlier in the summer has the FBI chomping at the bits.  One mistake – and they’re taking over.

He’s an unhappily married man, with three ungrateful children, and spends most of his free time at the bar with this buddies, fishing on the weekends, or spying on the only woman he had an affair with 10 years ago.

NOT BEEN CASTJohn Cross, 18 years of age

Style & Title: The Lord, John Cross

John is more laidback than either of his siblings, and seems taken by his cousin Lisa – ignoring all the other drama around the house and family.  Along with the rest of his siblings and cousins, he has decided to take at least a semester off.  John is the only current RP character that saw the explosion.

NOT BEEN CASTAntonio Savoy, 28 years of age

Style & Title: Signore Antonio Savoy di Bussana

Where Victor is calculating, Antonio is clever and charming … at least with the ladies.  No sooner have they landed and presented themselves to the family, Antonio has laid his eyes on Vicky Cross – and his lust seems to claim him.  His charisma and charm smooths over the rough political ambitions of his brother, and though several seem to know him more intimately, this façade seems to crumble as reports come from Italy of his wife and five children.