About 100 years ago, the royal Farnese family were forced into exile as the Kingdom of Italy annexed their tiny Archduchy of Sanremo at the end of the Great War.  The deposed Archduke, Alphonse Philippe XV, now just Alphonse Farnese, moved his family to the outskirts of London.

His son, Albert Philippe, the Crown Prince took on the responsibilities of the family as he entered adulthood, and his son, the eventual Crown Prince Albert Edward invested the remaining funds into oil, moving the family to the United States during the 1970s to be closer to their investments.

Exiled! A Royal Family in Greenwich, Connecticut is a slightly-scripted (outlined, improvisational) role-playing game within the virtual world of Second Life, expressing itself as an episodic live-action reality series.

It follows the daily goings-on of three branches of a contemporary American family – each struggling to gain control of the family wealth and titles following the sudden deaths of the “anchors” of the family, the subsequent murder investigations, the comings-of-age of the newest members of the family … and the protracted dream/delusions of one day returning to their homeland to claim their dynastic heritage.

Each completed episode will be published on this blog in a narrative format.

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