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Starring Roles

Rebecca Townsend Farnese, the Family Matriarch, 43 years of age.

Style & Title:  Her Serene Highness, Rebecca, the Dowager Crown Princess.

Born in 1972, Rebecca went to Ohio State University where she majored in Drama.  She met her husband while waiting on him in a themed restaurant in Brooklyn.  She married him shortly thereafter and subsequently never acted again.

Once the honeymoon was over, she was incredibly disappointed by his neglect, and eventually found solace in the arms of her frequent lover, Stephen Cross, her sister-in-law’s husband, a known lothario and gold-digger.  Rumors abound that some of her children – if not all – are his, and that they were in full carnal knowledge when half of the family died.  As such, she is a suspect in a potential murder investigation.

This role is being played by Bailey Hellamen.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Margaret Farnese
, 19 years of age.

Style & Title: Her Serene Highness, the Princess Elizabeth of Sanremo

Lisa was shocked when she got the call about her family and left college early to return home to help her mother organize the massive funeral and attend to the family business.  Her brother came home around the same time, and while he also grieved the loss of his family, he spiraled into a party life that she quickly lost control of.

She has decided to take the year off to stabilize the family and preserve what heritage the family has left.  She feels as the weight of the family is on her shoulders,  considering the several weaknesses in her mother’s character.  She envies the carefree lifestyle of many of her family – wanting to “let loose” but knowing that someone must “mind the camp.”

Londyn Aviva Lionheart (londynraine) has been cast to play this role.

William Edward “Eddie” Farnese, 18 years of age

Style & Title: His Serene Highness, the Prince William of Sanremo (crown prince presumptive)

Eddie Farnese doesn’t care much for the family franchise he was suddenly thrust into when his father, grandmother, and various aunts and uncles were violently killed.

Fresh back from boarding school, he’s decided to take the year off, hang out with new friends in the city, tattoo up and forget about his family.  Suddenly responsible for the family’s wealth and continuity, he begins to accept those responsibilities reluctantly as family begins to worry about the continuity … considering the rumors that he is homosexual and unable to continue the line himself.

Phan Fyre (Phantom Republic) has been cast to play this role.

stephen1Stephen James Cross, 45 years of age

Style & Title: His Grace, the Lord Cross, the Duke of Imperia.

Stephen had a reputation of being a womanizer before he met Lexi, the late Princess Royal; but his family pedigree impressed the second Crown Prince to the degree it didn’t seem important at the time.  When they found out the family was penniless, the marriage had already happened, and the first child was on the way.

Within the decade, suspicious consumed the family that he was having an affair with the third Crown Prince’s wife … and that the last two (or possible all) of their children could belong to him.  His wife was never very attractive, and was aware of these rumours.  Having said that, she chose not to believe them and died believing he maintained faithful and true.

This role has been awarded to Omen Ceriano.

Supporting Roles

NOT BEEN CASTVictor Savoy, 30 years of age

Style & Title: Marchese Victor Alphonse di Bussana

Victor is a calculated man – having recently convinced the Italian government to return the ancient familial lands belonging to the royal family of Sanremo to him, he is in Connecticut with his siblings for one reason, and one reason only: for their legal concession and abdication of the titles they claim.

His calculations start to unravel, though, when his siblings become involved with the stateside family, less concerned with ancient titles than they are with the extravagance of their American cousins, and in some cases, the American citizenship of those potential interests.

NOT BEEN CASTMichael “Mikey” Cross, 20 years of age

Style & Title: Lord Cross, the Earl of Imperia

Michael is the eldest of Stephen’s children.  He feels resentful of Lisa, Eddie and his other cousins in the family – thinking he should have been entitled to the family’s titles since his mother was oldest.

He’s a junior in college, but has also decided to stay home at least a semester to deal with the loss of his mother, and find any advantage he can to maximize his own family’s legacy.


Elden Pepperidge, 47 years of age, Detective – Connecticut State Police

Elden is a career detective with the state police, and the murder of the Farnese family is his first big case.  He’s hoping he doesn’t bungle it – the press coverage earlier in the summer has the FBI chomping at the bits.  One mistake – and they’re taking over.

He’s an unhappily married man, with three ungrateful children, and spends most of his free time at the bar with this buddies, fishing on the weekends, or spying on the only woman he had an affair with 10 years ago.

kammy1Camilla “Kammy” Farnese
, 17 years of age

Style & Title: Her Serene Highness, the Princess Camilla of Sanremo.

Kammy – distraught over the loss of many of her beloved family members – and actually watching the explosion that killed them, she has used this as an excuse to leave boarding school in England and finish her senior year in a local Catholic school.

Where Lisa is the rock, and where Eddie seems to be expressing his reactions to the family tragedy quite visibly, Kammy seems to be a thrill seeker by design.  She enjoys shocking the family in her clothing and hair styles, and is counting the days to her 18th birthday … literally.

Abigale Rexie has been cast in this role.

NOT BEEN CASTVictoria “Vicky” Cross, 19 years of age

Style & Title: The Lady, Victoria Cross

Vicky is not as ambitious as her brother, but is deeply affected by her mother’s departure.  She feels betrayed by her father, and believes the sordid rumours about the affairs and the murders … and goes completely goth, thinking she somehow relates to Eddie who doesn’t really care about the family that sent him to boarding school in England at the age of 12.

NOT BEEN CASTJohn Cross, 18 years of age

Style & Title: The Lord, John Cross

John is more laidback than either of his siblings, and seems taken by his cousin Lisa – ignoring all the other drama around the house and family.  Along with the rest of his siblings and cousins, he has decided to take at least a semester off.  John is the only current RP character that saw the explosion.

NOT BEEN CASTAntonio Savoy, 28 years of age

Style & Title: Signore Antonio Savoy di Bussana

Where Victor is calculating, Antonio is clever and charming … at least with the ladies.  No sooner have they landed and presented themselves to the family, Antonio has laid his eyes on Vicky Cross – and his lust seems to claim him.  His charisma and charm smooths over the rough political ambitions of his brother, and though several seem to know him more intimately, this façade seems to crumble as reports come from Italy of his wife and five children.

NOT BEEN CASTIsabella “Bella” Savoy, 25 years of age

Style & Title: Isabella Savoy di Bussana

Having just completed college, Bella has appointed herself as the family attorney.  Purely a technocrat, she has forsaken all noble titles she might be privy to and is merely along to assist her eldest brother in his quest of consolidating the family legacy.  She’s the one that made the winning argument that lands now overgrown in disuse were once past down from generation to generation with only the ancient deeds to prove her case.

She becomes sidetracked when the lothario, Stephen Cross, sets his eyes on her.

Fiorenza “Fiora” Savoy, 21 years of age

Style & Title: Fiorenza Savoy di Bussana

Fiora is the only Savoy not to attend college.  She insisted on coming to the US with her siblings due to her insatiable fantasy that she is to be a fashion model, actress, music diva.  It doesn’t matter that she can’t act or sing – like her brother, she is good at seduction, and has her eyes set on the young Crown Prince himself.

This role has been cast to Christa Burrito Echos

Guest Starring

Damian, 27 years of age, Butler

Damian was hired onsite the moment Rebecca laid eyes on him four years ago.  No experience, she dismissed family concerns that she could mold this dashing young man into the main servant of the house … but many began to think this tall, sultry man was hired for other matters.

Rebecca didn’t mind the rumors – only as long as it made someone very important to her extremely jealous.

This role was awarded to Gage Bradshaw Firehawk Jr.

NOT BEEN CASTMegan, 28 years of age, Part-time house-cleaner

Megan was hired through a maid-service, but the family liked her so much they hired her part-time.  She’s witty, with a dark sense of humor, and secretly thinks the family is completely nutso.  She doesn’t hide her expressions, but – knows how to keep her mouth shut.

In the prime of her life, she figures her best bet is to snag one of the royals – get knocked up – and suck a paycheck out of one of them for the rest of her life.  She doesn’t mind being “the Grifter,” but isn’t sure which one to choose …

The Dearly Departed

These characters will not be cast as they are all deceased, but are referenced frequently in the story.

Albert Edward “Grandpa Al” Farnese, His Serene Highness, Albert Edward I, Crown Prince of Sanremo (1935-2005), the last Lion of the family.

“Reggie” Farnese, Her Serene Highness, Regina Mary, the Dowager Crown Princess of Sanremo, 69 years of age*.

“Bert” Farnese, His Serene Highness, Albert Edward II, Crown Prince of Sanremo, 49 years of age*.

“Lexi” Farnese, Her Serene Highness, Mary Alexandria, the Princess Royal of Sanremo, 50 years of age*.

“Tony” Farnese, His Serene Highness, the Prince Anthony of Sanremo.  Single.

“Gina” Farnese, Her Serene Highness, the Princess Regina Isabella of Sanremo.  43 years of age.  Married, childless.

*Died in the accident, Memorial Day 2015.

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