Q: When does the roleplay occur in real-time?

A: When RP starts, we’re looking at Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evenings, at  6:00pm SLT.  This is a time we have discovered that includes most persons in the Western Hemisphere as possible.  Roleplay will occur about once every week or two, with larger breaks for common holidays.

Q: How much do actors get paid to participate?

A: Exiled! is an all-volunteer effort, and at this time, there is no salary associated with the work performed in roleplay.  This is an experience to improve the virtual experience through entertaining roleplay.

Q: Do we have to “pay to play?”

A:  There is no cost associated with participating in Exiled!, other than the cost of your character’s avatar and wardrobe.  We do encourage participants and visitors to help defray the cost, however, but this is not required.

Q: Who provides our wardrobe?  What are we supposed to wear?

A: The “costumes” of this roleplay are whatever a bored, spoiled rich kid (or adult) would wear in the NYC suburbs in the current year.  Each player is responsible for providing their own clothing, and it should include premium mesh clothing (no flexi or texture-layer-only clothing).

Q:  How long will each RP experience last?

A:  About an hour, to an hour and a half.

Q: You say the published roleplay is copyrighted property of the owners of the game, but that we also get credit for participating?  What’s to stop you from running off with our great emoting and sell our roleplay to a television network as your own?

A: I haven’t seen many roleplay events make it from sim to CBS primetime television.  Each participant gets a writing credit if their emoting makes the “final cut” before the episode is published on our blog.  Our copyright notices are an attempt to ensure that our work is not considered part of the “public domain,” and not an attempt to be a 13 episode television series on Netflix next year.  The story arcs and outlined episodes are, however, pre-written by the real person behind Phantom Republic, and as such are the property of the owners of this game.