Rebecca Farnese used to have it all.

She was saved by a handsome guy who literally turned into her Prince Charming … a lot of old money, and some funny titles that didn’t really mean anything to her.  All she knew was she got to live in a big fancy house outside of the City and shop in all of those fancy stores on Fifth Avenue … instead of dropping off applications at them when her hours got cut at the restaurant he plucked her out of.

Then she had a bunch of kids.  Then, he started leaving her in the big house with his crazy parents and in-laws while he would be gone for days or weeks.  Then the alcohol.  She did what she had to do to feel loved and appreciated.

Then, this summer, the pool house exploded mysteriously … with her husband and her in-laws inside.  A widow at 40, she struggles to pull her children together – including the new Crown Prince – to preserve their income and heritage, while the rest of the world seems to be rooting for her failure.

Should be easy, right?  Except, she’s never been responsible for anything in her life.

The role of Rebecca Farnese will be announced on Sunday, September 13th, 2015.  Please click HERE to apply for that role, or any of the other roles within the Farnese clan:

Liz Farnese – 19 years of age – played by Londyn Aviva Lionheart (londynrayne)

Eddie Farnese (the new Crown Prince) – 18 years of age – played by Phan Fyre (phantom republic)

Kammy Farnese – 17 years of age – currently accepting applications

Bradley Farnese – 15 years of age – currently accepting applications