Stephen Cross was never one to pass up an opportunity.  Twenty years ago, he was once just a mere pool boy at several of the large estates in Greenwich, Connecticut.  He found opportunity in a rather portly daughter of one of the town’s most well-known residents, Lexi Farnese … or, as her name appeared officially, Alexandra, the Princess Royal of Sanremo.

He made sure to plant her with several children, not really ever engaging into the family emotionally until his children started to grow on him.  He eventually fell in love … not with his wife … but with another member of the family … although even her affections never cured him of continuing to seek opportunity when it made itself available to him.

Tragedy struck, and suddenly … his wife is dead, along with most of her family.  Suspicions mount as all eyes look to him and his lover, Rebecca Farnese, for answers they can’t give.  His ability to even claim the Farnese mansion as his home died in the pool house with his wife, and his benevolent mother-in-law … and now he’s scrambling for excuses for him and his children to stay.

The role of Stephen Cross will be announced on Sunday, September 13th, 2015.  Please click HERE to apply for that role, or any of the other roles within the Cross clan:

Mikey Cross – 20 years of age – currently accepting applications

Vicky Cross – 19 years of age – currently accepting applications

John Cross  – 18 years of age – currently accepting applications