Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a Kardashian, a Braxton, or a Hilton? Every dreamed of being a princess or a royal … and part of something ancient and special … and have the whole world follow your every move?

Exiled! … a new Reality Show / Role-playing game right here in Second Life! Three young families (most of them with titles) struggling for control over the family dynasty after most of the current royals were killed in a mysterious explosion. Throw in a state investigation of murder, and some questionable paternity … and suddenly, everything’s is up for grabs.

Every week or two, the family gets together for outlined, improvised roleplay in the family mansion … at the end of each episode, an edited version is published on our blog … for the whole world to see! An initial season of 13 episodes is being planned for production … who knows, maybe you could be the next SL celebrity!

If you’re cast in a leading role (or certain supporting and guest starring roles), you’ll have access to the Farnese mansion … and perhaps your own room … to play out your reality dream life (within outlined guidelines and rules).  Please read this entire website for more information on how you can join!

Roleplay is anticipated to start in late September, barring delays.  Click HERE for more information on how to join!